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Welcome to Be Prepared!

Welcome to the Adult Basic Skills Professional Development's online course entitled Be Prepared! A Guide to College Success. This course will assist adult basic skills instructors in preparing their students for college. Based on interviews with college instructors and administrators from across the United States, this course serves as a resource for adult basic skills, college bridge, and college transition classes.


Upon completion of the course, instructors will understand:

  • Why adult educators need to assist students beyond GED/AHSD completion
  • The importance of the college placement test to their students' success
  • What resources are available to assist college-bound students

Upon completion of the course, students will understand:

  • What the college placement test is and how to prepare for it
  • How college is different from high school/adult basic skills
  • What a college curriculum class is like
  • The expectations college instructors have for their students
  • What study skills college students should know
  • The academic skills college students need to learn


As you move through each section, you will find questions to focus your learning. They will help organize your thoughts and integrate this new material into your current knowledge. All the questions can be found in the Reflection Guide, a Word document you can download to put in your answers and notes. Click here to download the  Instructor Reflection Guide. As you move through the course, there are other documents you can download to use as classroom resources. Let's get started learning more about what our students can expect as they transition to college!

Let's get started